Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hello, I'm back!

It's classic me -- I started this blog, I deleted this blog, I started it up again. Fortunately my title was still available, otherwise I'm not sure what I would have called it!

I've spent the better part of the past year writing about my son's journey through Autism Remediation, from the time of his birth to the present, on my blog Jacob's Journey. I now find, that as we are nearing ever closer to the end of that journey -- to a point where the label "Autism" no longer has significance in regard to my son -- that I'd rather start anew with our story. It's a story that has everything to do with raising and homeschooling our boys, living our lives on our little slice of this earth, and celebrating that life with our families and friends. It has very little to do with Autism.

At the same time, I don't want the work I did with my son buried in the depths of blogging archives. There are parents that actually read what I've had to say and (shocking as it seems to me) parents and RDI consultants who refer people to my blog to see what working on Autism Remediation via RDI looks like. It feels to me like I would somehow be diluting that if I were to then pile years of life without Autism on top of it. I'd like to keep it there for anyone who needs it or is interested in it.

And my final reason is my desire to physically move on with my life. I love our farm (good thing, because we're pretty much stuck here for the rest of eternity), but there's a part of me with a strong desire to up and move us to a place where nobody ever associated us with the word Autism. To return to anonimity amongst the other faces on the playground. I guess the boat's sailed on that one, but moving this next chapter of our life's adventure to a new blog address gives me a bit of that feeling of freedom and liberation that I'm desiring. I hope some of the friends we've made at Jacob's Journey will follow me here and still be interested in reading of our adventures, despite the fact that Autism no longer flavors our life in the same way it used to. Maybe we'll meet some new friends along the way too.

So, here I am. Again. This time to stay.

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