Tuesday, June 21, 2011

final share day of the year

Yesterday was our final Monday Homeschool Classes share day for this school year -- the co-op is now on a break for the Summer (although we'll get together for park days, letterboxing, and other outings on a less formal basis until we start up again in the Fall).

This is J's Lapbook that he created in his "Sir Cumference" class (which dealt with various Geometry concepts over the course of 6 fun stories and associated projects). Zoo Boy also took the class and completed the work, but didn't want to put his work into a lap-book form.

This is J's presentation board about our town that he created in the "History of My Hometown" class that I taught. The kids all did an amazingly thorough job of researching their particular town's histories and in creating presentation boards to display on Share Day. Great topic for kids this age (9-11), as the history is very personal to them and a great motivator for doing independent research.

Both boys participated in an interactive story reading about Martial Arts that was put on by the same organization that taught Zoo Boy's Martial Arts class. He's very enthusiastic about starting Karate classes, so I'm looking into that for him. (He wants the same instructor, which means a bit of a commute, but we think it's worth it because, as Gabe put it, he's "just excellent".)

J also participated in his very first Spelling Bee, and came in 2nd place! The word he misspelled? Chocolate. (He left out that 2nd "o".) Go figure, it's like the most important word in our lives!

It was a great session of classes, we're already looking forward to the Fall's offerings!


Anonymous said...

Are you shifting into summer rhythms at home, too?

Harvest Moon Farm said...

No, not yet, we've still got two more weeks to our "school year" before we back off to our summer rhythms.