Wednesday, June 2, 2010

storming into summer

Meteorologically, it's Summer here. And we're feeling it. Hot, humid days punctuated by violent thunderstorms, it sure feels like Summer. We've lost that schooling drive, and want to spend most of the day wandering about in sleeveless shirts and shorts. We're slipping out of our West African vibe (much to my chagrin, it's a culture that speaks to me) and into a Summer-like groove. Our tribal dancing has been replaced with leisurely strolls, our introspective stories with light science fare. Above is J's painting inspired by the verses from the "Old Mother Raincloud" story from the Enki Education Kindergarten Nature Story collection. (I don't care that the stories are intended for 5 year olds, my kids and I still love them.) Below is Zoo Boy's painting. We're having a short, 4-day storm block, highlighted by real honest-to-goodness thunder storms.

These paintings were a combination of color mood and gesture painting. Below is mine. One of my better efforts, it doesn't make me cringe to look at. Much. Still, just LOOK at the work the boys do. So much less inhibited than mine. Ah well, the first step is to actually pick up the brush -- there was a time I wasn't even able to do that without shaking with fear.

A little more on our little storm block as the week progresses. And a lot more on our summer plans as the month progresses into the honest-to-goodness start of Summer.

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