Saturday, July 24, 2010

production week

As way of an explanation (or maybe just an excuse!) as to why I've been a bit absent from my blog these past few weeks, here's a peek at our calendar for this past week:

Yes, that's the sort of schedule we've been adhering two these past couple of weeks. Take special note of Sunday's plans, J got a real kick out of that.

It's finally here! We put on our first show last night and our final show is tonight, followed by our cast party. The kids are doing a GREAT job, and everyone is having a wonderful time!

I will post details about our big musical theater experience in a couple of days, when I manage to catch my breath. Unfortunately, I may not have any photos to share. With The Map Man involved back-stage, me involved on-stage, and my Dad struggling with a bad back, my usual sources of photo-taking has been eliminated. I thought I had lined up several of my friends to take photos, and for awhile it looked like we'd be swimming in photographers, but every single one of them has had to bow out at the last minute for various reasons. Which means not only did we fall far short of our share of ticket sales, but I don't have a single photo of this production. I'll figure out something to post on the blog (will try to grab some back-stage pics tonight if I can before we go on), but it's a real shame that I won't have any on-stage pictures as mementos for J's first big starring role.

So my apologies to all of you who were anxiously awaiting show photos and video clips -- looks like that's just not going to happen. But I'll throw something up here for you to look at while I ramble on about the past six week!

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