Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the "big" show

This past weekend was the big Ballet School dance show, "Premiere Performances". Both performances went off without a hitch (or close enough, anyway), and all the numbers were just wonderful. J danced in two Modern numbers during the first act -- here he is after coming off stage on Saturday night, all smiles and looking forward to ballet in the second act.

During stage rehearsal on Friday night, J is in the foreground, during his first Modern number. I had hoped to get a bunch of photos that night, even tho they weren't in costume, but the ding dang camera did it's usual "I can't handle this lighting" thing and everything wound up pretty much looking like this (or even blurrier). Ah well!

The Modern cast, taking bows at the end of the first act during one of the performances. I was busy helping backstage, so The Map Man took this on his phone. I find it perpetually annoying that his phone takes better photos than my camera. Sigh. J is 4th from the right side of this picture, in the orange shirt.

Dressed and ready to go on stage for the 2nd Act on Saturday night. J had his own private dressing room, which was kind of fun, and kind of frustrating for him because he was constantly in fear of missing entrances since he couldn't see what anyone else was doing. Of course, I wasn't about to let him miss an entrance! But I can see his point, and I'll try to make other arrangements for him next show. Maybe if he has to dress alone (likely as the only young male dancer in the school), I can at least move him to the hallway outside the girl's dressing room so he can see when they are lining up for the various numbers.

The big wedding scene from The Sleeping Beauty Ballet, during stage rehearsal on Friday night. J is all the way on the right, standing with the other Courtiers while the Prince and Princess dance. I'm sure it looked beautiful with costumes the following two days. It mostly just looked like a bunch of bodies from back stage. At least we'll get a DVD of the performance so I can see the full impact of the show!

After coming off stage on Sunday afternoon, J sighed, "Ah, now for a long, relaxing summer!" (Although this week has been anything but relaxing so far...it's the last week of regular dance classes, and he's dancing every night, while I help pack away costumes and props. But NEXT week we can do a little relaxing....)

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