Wednesday, May 18, 2011


J had his Jazz and Tap recitals this past weekend. He shot up the bad guys in the tap number "Wild Wild West" and scared away all the ghosts in the very enthusiastically received "Ghost Busters" jazz number. (It really was ridiculously cute, and my little ham-bone danced his roles convincingly.) Great show! Excellent choreography, and good preparation by the dancers. Even the little-little kids did well with their numbers.

The finale -- can't even fit all the kids in the photo. He's over there on the right somewhere, good luck picking him out, I'm not even sure I can:

One more show to go -- the big one, the Ballet School's Premiere Performances, this coming weekend. If we survive the insane rehearsal schedule this week (and the shows this weekend) we can collapse in a heap for a few weeks before summer dance starts.

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