Saturday, August 20, 2011

ballet intensive, etc

I know I haven't been keeping up well. Sorry. School will start back up in a few weeks and hopefully I'll get back into the blogging swing a little better once our daily and weekly rhythms all even out again. For now we're in the middle of fun summer chaos.

J spent 2 weeks at an Intermediate Ballet Intensive that was held at his ballet school. He loved spending the entire day for 2 weeks dancing, and wishes that Ballet Intensive could go on all year. Not to worry, he's dancing PLENTY of ballet this coming fall, and life is not comprised of dance alone (despite what J likes to think).

In addition to gobs and gobs of ballet technique and ballet variations with various instructors, they also had sessions of Modern, Jazz, Choreography, and Hip Hop. Then they put on a little studio performance for us parents at the end of each week. I really wish I had gotten some good photos (video would have been even better!) of the first week's performance, because Jacob had his own Variation (solo) from Don Quixote which totally blew me away (and had everyone in the room crying, making me feel less like a hormonal mess for bursting into tears). But the performance took me by surprise and I wasn't prepared with the right cameras.

I was prepared the 2nd week, but they didn't show us their variations that week, focusing instead on their choreography and a really great hip-hop number (photo on the left).

They also had a talk on nutrition (with a really fabulous nutritionist who I know from the homeschooling world, as she homeschools her own kids), workshops on stretching and strength conditioning, and watched a few dance videos. Oh yeah, and a workshop on making the perfect bun (hair bun for ballet). Which I was told J was absolutely hilarious in, taking on the role of supervisor while the girls worked on each other's hair. Which may just come in handy for us. (hint, hint....)

Zoo Boy spent the first week of the intensive at a half-day Mad Science camp with a Crime Scene Investigations theme. He loved it. I was entirely unimpressed. The materials were all pre-packaged, the structure of the class a bit chaotic, and the instructor seemed less than dynamic (and even less in control of the behavior of the class). I just expect more when I pay $175 for a program.

In addition, Zoo Boy was paired with a boy who was less than kind to him. ZB insisted that he still like this kid, but I was pretty happy when the week was over. We spent the 2nd week of the intensive going to various area museums with a variety of friends, and it was a much better week for both of us.

What's a dancing boy to do once his 2 week dance intensive is over? Obsess over football, of course! Pre-season games have begun and J (and the Map Man and I) are busy studying the new and young players on our beloved Patriots, and enjoying watching them clean house against their opponents. It's already shaping up to be a GREAT football season!

Dance is done for a few weeks (the semester begins on Sept 12, and I'm giving J's body a full 4 week break from dancing). When he starts up again, he'll be taking 2 regular ballet classes a week, plus a pre-professional trainees class and private lessons to work specifically on "boy stuff". Plus his Modern class which he loves almost as much (but not quite, he says) as his classical Ballet classes.

Meanwhile, we spent a bunch of time at the lake this past week (it was the last week of the season for our beloved local beach, whah.....) with lots of friends, and a bunch of time doing karate-related stuff for Zoo Boy. Next week is Karate Camp for The Boy, plus a bunch of planned play dates and outings. And for the final few weeks of summer, lots of exciting trips and plans.

And at some point I need to get this house in order and prepare for the coming school year. Hmmm.

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Stacey said...

sounds like a fun end of summer for you all. so it's a girl on the way? oh, how fun!!