Saturday, January 7, 2012

changing table and baby update

The boys put together a changing table for their little sister today. Well, OK, so the changing table is really for their big mother -- at my age, I just don't feel like getting down on the floor or bending over my bed to change her, so for the first time in our parenting history, The Map Man and I decided to buy a piece of baby furniture. (All our babies have slept in bed with us until weaning, so we've never had a need for traditional nursery furniture.) Luckily for us, the Man's office had gifted us with a large enough gift certificate that all we actually paid for was tax and shipping, so it was pretty painless. And made a nice project for the boys.

So, I know everyone is pretty much waiting for me to announce the birth of little baby Rosebud. As my babies always do, she is making us wait until she is good and ready. I went into labor with J on my due date (which would be this coming Tues or Weds for Rosebud). I never did go into labor with Zoo Boy, and chose a repeat c-section at 42 weeks with him (as opposed to being induced for a VBAC with a 10lb + baby). This time I've agreed to induction just a couple days after her due date, so she'll be on her way one way or another as of Thursday. She's measuring a little over 8lbs at the moment, we're all guessing about 8 1/2 lbs by the time she's born, and my chiropractor reassures me that her head does not feel large.

I feel like I really could go into labor anytime. At my most recent appointment yesterday afternoon, I found out that I'm 50% effaced (cervix thinning) and that her head is low and well engaged with the cervix, so even though I wasn't dilating yet, that could start really anytime and I should progress nicely when it does. I've never been told that my baby's head was low and engaged before (not even when I was fully dilated and pushing with J!), so I'm feeling very positive and confident that I'll get my VBAC this time. I have an appointment with my chiropractor on Tuesday mid-day, she'll do some voodoo to try to ease me into labor, then I have a doctor's appointment later that afternoon where she'll do some voodoo of her own.

So it'll be soon, one way or another! And now we're ready with a handy place to change her when she gets here!

We're all very excited and ready to welcome baby Rosebud into our family. I will try to post a photo from the hospital with The Map Man's smart phone.

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Mrs. Bacon said...

Blessings Be to your family in this time of anticipation and waiting.