Sunday, January 1, 2012

resolutions (or lack thereof)

Every year for the past half dozen or so I've posted a year-end wrap up where I post progress on goals I'd set at the start of the year, and then I post again in a few days with my goals for the coming year. I've always enjoyed both reviewing the year and looking ahead, but I'm changing that all this year. In fact, I'm not even going back to read what goals I had set for this year, because it's all entirely beside the point now.

With this pregnancy throwing us all for a loop, generally changing the future "face" of our family, and making me feel like I've accomplished something just by getting out of bed every day, I can pretty much guarantee I achieved none of whatever goals I set for myself for 2011. At the same time, I've come more and more to understand that it's not about what you do or do not accomplish, or how you go about accomplishing it, but rather that you are living your life in the moment, every moment, regardless of what that moment brings your way. That's a pretty huge leap for an over-planning dreamer like me, and while I've always known that I WANT to live my life that way, the actual implementation has been a process. I think I'm close.

So I have no goals for 2012. Oh sure, I have wishes, and hopes, and a general feeling of how I can see things going for us. But I also am 100% committed to just taking life as it comes this year, living in the moments as they happen, and enjoying my family, our farm, and the lives we have built together to the absolute fullest, every moment of every day.

And that's my one and only resolution for this year. Just to BE, and to be OK with whatever will be. I'm pretty sure it's going to be an amazing year, and I don't want to miss a single minute of it thinking of what could be or could have been.

Wishing you all a joyous, present New Year!


Nicole Milman said...

Best wishes to you! Look for my pestering questions, and expect a request for a visit this spring! Have a peaceful, lovely time nesting with your soon to arrive little one :)

Ada Thomas said...

Good idea.