Wednesday, February 29, 2012

museum homeschool day

One of the local children's museums held their homeschool day yesterday, and the boys both took two classes -- the first was on Paleontology, the second on combustion (they blew things up -- needless to say, it was a big hit).

Before, after, and in between classes the kids had a chance to explore and play -- here J shows off a lego racer he built which ran amazingly fast (the museum has a test track with a timer). J says it's because he combined a low profile with weight and a good wheel ratio. Okay.....

As for me and Rosebud, we got in lots of visiting time with other homeschool moms (and their kids) that we haven't seen since fall, so that was nice. J grabbed my camera for a photo of how Rosebud gets around the various venues we visit -- that's one of my Moby Wraps, my choice of carrying her. It's a little more complicated to tie on than the slings I used with the boys, but it distributes her weight more evenly across both of my shoulders and so is much kinder to my back. And I can strap on my backpack diaper too and I stay well balanced all day.

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