Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pics of the cutie

Ok, sorry, I thought I blogged these pictures the middle of last week! Didn't mean to leave you all waiting for current pictures of Rosebud!

So with no further ado, here you go, some current shots from the past week (as a reward for waiting, you get a couple from over the weekend too -- see, wasn't that worth the wait?!).

Rosebud has turned into a bit of a ham lately. That won't surprise anyone that knows my family, which is so full of hams it's pretty much an entire pig....

Lots o' dimples.

My friend Anne (my Lab's "Grannie Annie") holds the baby. I won't tell you where this was taken. Shhhh.....

I wish I'd gotten a picture of Susan holding her....next time!

Ok, well, any of you that knows me personally probably now knows where the above photo, and this one of Christine holding her, were taken. Honest to goodness, she wasn't drinking, and neither was I! (Christine, on the other hand....) But she slept like she'd had a good stiff glass of Chardonnay.

Bath time peek-a-boo!

A visit with Grandma.

Would you like to swing on a star? (Rosebud's usual answer is a resounding NO, but The Map Man caught her in a swingin' mood.)

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Christine said...

She's just perfect!