Friday, March 30, 2012


Last week we began our Haudenosaunee cultural epic story (from the Enki Education 3rd grade curriculum package). Above, J illustrates the new mother and her oldest sister walking through the dark of night from their Long House to the Women's House to birth her baby. (What a great story, given the recent birth of Rosebud!) Below, Zoo Boy illustrates the new father introducing baby Aionwahta to the river, the grasses, and the spirits, with other members of the Bear Clan looking on in the background. As he selected a brown crayon to start drawing, he stopped to check with me, "Aionwahta and his family are Native Americans, right?" I love his desire to accurately depict the scene.

J's written chapter summary above, and Zoo Boy's below. We came up with quite a long summary, too long for either boy to fit it all on their page. I selected some key sentences from our summary for Zoo Boy to write, and J just wrote it as is until he ran out of room. Starting with our next story summary work (which will be today), I am going to let the boys select which pieces of the overall summary they wish to write out in their good books (letting them have even more control over bringing forth what they think is important in the story).

Zoo Boy's handwriting continues to improve, and he told me as he wrote this that he was surprised at how easy writing has become for him. What a relief, for both him and me! And also has me shifting a bit how we'll go about our story work this semester, now that I don't feel like we need to be writing every single day for him to not back-slide on his writing comfort and ability.

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