Sunday, April 1, 2012


In our second chapter of our Haudenosaunee epic, we heard the legend of the first Kachiqua:eh (Lacrosse) game, while a very young Aionwahta watched the older boys play this popular game. Then we went out and played a little Kachiqua:eh ourselves!

Zoo Boy practices picking up the ball.

He was thrilled to discover that we were playing lacrosse rather than drawing and writing for story work this time!

J wasn't sure what to make of that (he loves our usual story work and having everything right there in his good book to look at later), but he loved learning and playing this new game.

The boys practice their throwing skills (aiming at the wellhead -- although they are getting far too good at this now, we're going to have to set up a less important target for them to throw at).

They spend a little while each morning out in our front pasture running around tossing the ball to each other. We're hoping to interest a few of our friends in getting their own lacrosse sticks so that we can put together at least a small game.

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