Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've been posting lots of cute pics on Facebook (I finally broke down and bought a smart phone -- it's sad to own a phone smarter than I am....).  I have no idea how to link you guys over there, but if you're on facebook and you want to check it out, I post over there under Harvest Moon.

In fact, my phone camera is way better than my regular camera, so until I figure out how to get my photos from the phone to the computer (yes, I know it's simple, but again, the phone is smarter than I am....), most of the really good pictures can probably be found there instead of here.  (Especially since I'm HATING the new blogger format -- have I mentioned that already?!  It's totally not compatible with my ancient computer monitor, so I can't see my entire post while I'm writing it -- it's making me NUTS!  Unless I drop it to 75% size, and then I can't see ANYTHING....)

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