Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 In this story we learned of the great chief Godasiyo, and how her affinity with a white dog caused the great tribe of Red Clay people to split apart, and how they split yet again when arguing over which direction to take, causing her death, after which the various tribes found they no longer spoke the same language.  Above, J drew Godisayo and her dog traveling down the river on a platform supported between two canoes.  Below, Zoo Boy drew a scene from when the people all were still living together, going about their various pursuits.  (He explained what each person in this drawing was doing -- I love it, his most detailed work to date!  I particularly like the longhouse in the periphery of the drawing.)

 J's story summary above, Zoo Boy's below.  More and more, J is putting our summaries into his own words so that the sentences he selects make better sense.

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