Saturday, April 7, 2012

a sky daughter

In this story, the Sky Woman gives birth to a Sky Daughter, who travels to the edge of the earth and meets a Cloud Man. She later gives birth to two sons who, according to the Creator who speaks to her in her dreams, will each control half of the earth and together will make it whole. Her second son, Shawiskara, is birthed through his mother's armpit, killing her, but blames the death on his brother. The Sky Woman plants all the good plants of the world on her daughter's grave, each in an appropriate spot over her body. Both boys chose to draw the meeting of the Sky Daughter and the Cloud Man, J's above and Zoo Boy's below.

Above is J's story summary, below Zoo Boy's. Selecting the sentences they wanted to use from our group summary was more difficult this time, because in order to leave some sentences out and still have the passage make sense, they needed to modify the information a bit. (For instance, if coming in at the middle of the summary, instead of starting the sentence "There she met a Cloud Man," they had to identify where "there" was -- i.e. "at the sea"-- and who "she" was -- i.e. the Sky Daughter -- so that the new sentence would read "At the sea, the Sky Daughter met a Cloud Man.") They needed my support with this, especially Zoo Boy, but in the end both did a great job coming up with a coherent summary of the specified length. (By the way, the length of their summaries is based on how much writing they can do comfortably within the amount of time I want them to spend on writing each day -- I just see no point in frustrating them with too much written work all at once, especially since they get practice with it every day.)

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