Monday, April 2, 2012

the old ones

This past week we read the chapter (in two different parts) of The Old Ones, about the Harvest Festival, and how the Bear Clan became the keepers of the medicine for the Onondaga tribe. Both boys decided to draw the scene where the strange old man (really The Creator in disguise) came to the door of the Bear Clan's longhouse and asked for food and shelter. J's drawing above, Zoo Boy's below.

For summary writing, we had a shift in the way we've been doing things. Previously, we would compose the summary together, then the boys would copy the passages into their good books, J doing the entire summary (about 6 sentences), and Zoo Boy doing whatever portion I assigned him (3 or 4 pertinent sentences). Starting with this summary, we are composing a bit longer summary, and I am allowing the boys to select what portion of the summary they wish to copy into their books -- J selects 6 sentences and Zoo Boy selects 4 sentences. I was very impressed with how careful the boys were to make sure that their summaries made sense with the sentences that they selected. This is the first step to having them write their own summaries entirely on their own without my support. (J's summary above, Zoo Boy's below.)

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