Tuesday, March 27, 2012

parent observation week again

Didn't we just do this? Time flies....

Parent observation week at the ballet studio again. I got to watch half of one of J's classes, thanks to a sleeping baby, but she woke up half way through and was FAR too happy, so we had to leave. Got a peek in at the pointe class that J's taking, just for a little extra strength and conditioning (he takes it in regular ballet shoes, not pointe shoes), but that class is pretty boring and I had sewing to do, so I didn't stay long. Modern class was a bust -- Rosebud was unhappy and not willing to settle down and nurse quietly, so I didn't get a see even a minute of that class (too bad, that's the interesting one!). And his other ballet classes were pretty much repetitions of the first, so I didn't bother even attempting those.

So much for parent observations! Of course, J is at the age where he doesn't really care whether I watch or not, so it's only me that missed out. (And honestly, I get to see plenty of him dancing, so I'm fine with just a little peek here and there.) Besides, he stands WAY at the back of the room, so I can hardly see him anyway. I'll get my fill soon, big performance the end of this week!

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