Friday, March 16, 2012

creation painting, day 1

We officially started our Haudenosaunee cultural unit this week, with creation paintings each day. For inspiration, we've been using passages from Chief Jake Swamp's book Giving Thanks, A Native American Good Morning Message, which is based on the Thanksgiving Address of the Six Nations. We've also been listening to this text in its native kaniakehaka (Mohawk) language.

At the top of the page is my painting, above is J's, and below is Zoo Boy's (I always wish I could paint like he does, the kid's just got a knack for it).

From the text: "To be a human being is an honor, and we offer thanksgiving for all the gifts of life. Mother Earth, we thank you for giving us everything we need. Thank you, deep blue waters around Mother Earth, for you are the force that takes thirst away from all living things."

There will be as series of 5 post with our paintings, and our last day of painting was today, so I should be able to get them up fairly quickly, depending on Rosebud's nap schedule. She's been pretty cooperative all week with falling asleep at just the right time to keep our rhythms flowing nicely. I can't expect it to happen that neatly every week, especially as she gets older and sleeps less, but I certainly appreciate the ease her napping offered us during this first week of our new semester!


Mrs. Bacon said...

Lovely work by all involved. If you want a fun technique, use a little rock salt on your next watercolor painting and watch the neat effect.

Quon_mom said...

Great blog. Very inspirational! I would love to know more about what resources/curricula you are using in your homeschool!

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Mrs Bacon, thanks! We've done the rock salt before, it's lots of fun! We've also put our paintings out in a light snowstor, which also produces some interested effects. :)

Quon mom -- welcome! Poke around my blog, it's all there :) -- much of what I do pulls from the Enki Education philosophy and curriculum packages, the rest is bits and pieces of life. :)