Tuesday, March 20, 2012

no more sugar!

That's it, I'm off sugar.

The more I have the more I want, yet if I try to restrict how much, I just crave it all the more. In the meantime it makes me feel sick and bloated and I KNOW better than to eat too much of it, yet I just can't seem to stop myself. My grandmother and great-grandmother were both diabetic in their later years, and I feel like I'm on the fast tract to diabetes myself.

So since I can't just eat it in moderation, I won't eat it at all.

And I post this here to open myself up to public humiliation if I fall off the no-sugar train. Maybe fear of looking like an idiot will give me willpower where nothing else has.

Um, then again, when have I ever worried about looking like an idiot in public....


Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Good for you! Today was my 15th day sugar free ... as in no maple syrup, no honey, no white or brown sugar, no date sugar, no maple sugar, no corn syrup (or HFCS) and no added sugars in anything. If I can do it I think anyone can; I'm pretty sure I'd not been sugar free since birth, being that I was formula fed. After 30 days of this I will try using more natural sugars like date or coconut sugar very occasionally, but hopefully I will have kicked my sweet tooth.

Alyss said...

I am totally writing a blog post about sugar right now (in addition to teaching 8th grade and getting a masters degree... so, yeah... not moving too fast on that blog post...) and have been thinking about your maple sugaring... and now have this to add to my thinking! Good luck!

Diane Menard said...

You are brave. Sugar is in everything. I am a sugarholic myself so I know where you are coming from. I didn't give up sugar, but I am doing WW online. It severly limits my sugar intake and it's hard.