Wednesday, August 29, 2012

evolution paintings, day #2

We're painting pictures of evolution all week, using the book Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story, by Lisa Westberg Peters, illustrated by Lauren Stringer. My painting is above, J's is below, and Zoo Boy's on the bottom.

Quoted from the book:

But then the earth changed. Land rose from the oceans. The air filled with oxygen. Life changed, too. step at a time, some cells joined together, and became plants. Our cells joined together, and we became animals.

On the outside, we were squishy and soft, like worms. One the inside, our cells had many shapes -- square like boxes, pointy like stars, round like ripe seeds -- the same way they do now.

For this painting, we began with Prussian blue along the outside edges, then used gold (again, we're out of yellow, otherwise I would have used that) to fill in the center, then taking our brushes along the edges of the paper to create green plants. Then using orange and crimson, we created our prehistoric worms.

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Alyss said...

I love Zoo Boy's! His green plants are so green and his worm is so wonderfully wormy. What great paintings. I can't wait to find the book at the library, it looks fantastic.