Wednesday, December 23, 2009

burning the Yule log

Monday we celebrated Yule. Here's our Yule log, awaiting a match. It was a pretty small log this year, considering traditionally it's supposed to burn all night (I think this guy was gone within an hour or two), but it's the best The Map Man could come up with, and the kids didn't seem to notice it's smaller size. We'll have to hunt around the property for a much larger log next year!

We wrote our hopes and wishes for the coming year on scraps of paper. Here's J writing his (see below for what he actually wrote). Zoo Boy's hope was that all times would be a good as this (us together celebrating Yule). The Map Man wished for health for our family (and hoped our sad tree holiday tree won't fall over!), and I wished for world peace.

We tied our hopes and wished onto the Yule log...

...then set it ablaze! The boys were very excited as it burned, stating that our hopes and wishes were being released to the Universe so they could come true. So far so good, the tree hasn't fallen over at least....

Then we sat down to our traditional picnic supper by the fire as our Yule log burned.

After supper, the boys searched the tree, and lo and behold, that sneaky Yule gift giver had managed to get past us yet again to hide gifts in the tree. This year the kids insisted on knowing who leaves the gifts at Yule. ("It can't be Santa!" they insisted, and given that Santa is so busy this time of year, I'm sure they're right.) I told them that some people believe it's King Winter, some people believe it's nymphs or sprites, or fairies or elves. The boys had fun coming up with their own ideas of who might want to leave gifts in an evergreen tree, and we all agreed that surely it's someone magical, how else could they get by us unseen? (Zoo Boy is quite certain it's some sort of spirit who hides the presents inside their cloak.)

Regardless of who it is, this year we were left these really cool elves and their horses, along with a story book about them. The book, Bayala: The Daughters of the Elf King, by Gecko Keck, immediately became our next chapter book to read, and the boys and I are very much enjoying immersing ourselves in it's magical world.

The elves themselves have been shadowing Zoo Boy, who takes them everywhere with him. He's trying to figure out who is who from the story, and he incorporates them in much of his imaginary play.

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michelle grimes kindig said...

What a sweet wish....I'm pretty sure your boys already have a fairy godmother! They are sooo lucky to have you! And you're pretty lucky to have them too....
Happy Holidays!!