Friday, December 18, 2009

ho ho ho

We spent a magical afternoon at Santa's workshop this week, with our friends T and D. We actually arrived a bit too early, before Santa was there, and the park employees had us pull over at the bottom of the hill, since Santa prefers to arrive in private. But we knew exactly when it happened -- about 5 minutes before they were supposed to open, it suddenly started lightly snowing. And just as we were commenting on Santa bringing snow from the North Pole with him, the park worker waved us on ahead!

First stop, Head Elf's office. Zoo Boy reports in with his name, naughty/nice status, and what he wants Santa to bring him. D patiently waits for her turn. J was already around the corner waiting for his turn for some Santa face time.

It was so warm and toasty waiting by the fire. Thank goodness, because outside it was a bitter 20 degrees F with a stiff wind.

J went first, promising not to squish Santa because he's getting a bit big for lap time. He and Santa had a private chat (some of it about speaking Spanish, apparently), and Santa sent him on his way with an apple, which J immediately devoured. Those Santa apples, they're the best kind!

Zoo Boy takes his turn. He later told me that Santa asked me if he was eating all of his vegetables. (J said he was not asked that particular question.) I asked how he answered the question, and he said "I didn't! I was just staring at you, hoping you'd tell me what to say!" I told him that I, of course, couldn't hear what Santa was saying (he purposely keeps the conversations just between him and the child), and he said "Yeah, I knew that, but I was still hoping you'd give me a good answer." I told him I was pretty sure that Santa knows that he does NOT eat his vegetables already and was checking to see what he'd say. He laughed and said "Yeah, that sounds like him."

The kids have a visit with Mrs. Claus in her kitchen, where she gave them cookies and cocoa. She told them that they were the first children she'd heard thank-yous from that day. And then she gave me a cup of cocoa, too. Gotta love that Mrs. Claus!

Posing by the big ol' Claus Christmas tree. In the four years we've been going there, I've yet to get the whole thing in a picture. It's huge, I tell you, huge!

The boys pause on our way out to watch the elves making some toys.

Never fear, we actually DID do some schoolwork this week. Check back tomorrow for a run-down of our pre-Yule/solstice week!

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