Thursday, December 17, 2009

winter concert

Ok, I'm going to blame my lack of decent photos and videos from J's winter concert on my lack of proper equipment. My little point-and-shoot camera did such a bad job of recording J's solo, I'm not even going to bother to post it (although another Mom friend of mine DID video it, so I'll try to get that posted at some point). I'm also going to eventually have access to better photos, as my Dad was shooting that night as well. But I basically blew it -- I was in the 2nd row the first night, and didn't take any pictures, figuring I'd get them the next night. But we wound up towards the back of the theater the second night, so what I got is what I got. I'll post it anyway, because I can't very well NOT post anything about J's very favorite activity!

The Youth Chorus show was a PERFECT way to start off our 2 week holiday block -- the show was titled "December Around the World", and there were group songs about Las Pasadas, St Nicholas Day, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, and many of the solos pertained to Christmas. We even got a little Pagan flavor thanks to J choosing one of our Solstice songs as his solo. It was a very large chorus this year -- 31 kids -- and with 12 of those kids being 6 years old, the show was a bit challenging to pull off. But their amazing director managed to do it, as he always does. (J is at the mike in this photo, 2nd boy from the left.)

Visiting with his fans after the concert. J has nerves of steel, he doesn't get nervous at all before his solo and spoken lines. I, on the other hand, felt like I was going to both vomit and hyperventilate. I don't remember ever being that nervous when I was the one performing, but OY! is it different when it's your kid up there!!

J wrote a letter of thanks to his director, I thought it was pretty cute so decided to include it here. The class he refers to is an Ecumenical Choir program he's going to participate in starting in January.

Chorus is on a break for a few weeks, then they'll start rehearsing for the spring show!

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Anonymous said...

WOWIE!! HOW WONDERFUL!! i'm so proud of J!!!!!

we miss you!!!