Friday, January 29, 2010

the donkey and the load of salt

Above is J's drawing, below is Zoo Boy's. I'd promised I'd let them do a free drawing today, and so I did. If the quality of their free drawings continue in this manner, I'm happy to let them free-draw every day! Especially Zoo Boy, what a difference from what I'd been seeing of him! And notice that he actually put his title on the lines provided today. I knew he'd eventually do it, so long as I didn't bug him about it. But I was a little surprised that he did it so soon!

And I know I said I wasn't going to bother drawing when they did free drawings, but both boys wanted me to draw along side them today. I love that we all chose to draw the same scene (the scene that sets up the entire story) of the donkey fording the stream and slipping on a rock. (In the story, the donkey does this by accident the first time, but when she realizes that half her load of salt is washed away and her burden much lighter, she continues to fall on purpose, until her master tricks her by loading her up with sponges instead, which become much heavier after she falls into the water.) Anyway, here's my drawing, in case anyone is interested (and I get complaints if I don't post my drawings, so there's at least one or two of you who are interested!):

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