Sunday, January 31, 2010

the fox and the goat

Yesterday's story was "The Fox and the Goat" in which the fox fell down the well (after being butted by the goat) and then tricked the goat to jump in so he could jump on his back and get out, leaving the goat stuck at the bottom of the well. Above is J's drawing (of the fox looking in the well and the goat deciding to butt him) and below is Zoo Boy's (of the fox standing on the goat's back in the well to get out -- the goat's in there, they're all just covered in water).

And my drawing, of the fox tricking the goat to jump in. Hey, look, 3 foxes later, and my fox is finally starting to look like a fox! (Although J was quick to point out that my goat leaves a lot to be desired...sigh....)

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Alyss said...

I think your goat looks ENOUGH like a goat to know it's a goat. Well, it might be a cow... but it's clearly a hooved farm animal :) Your brick work, however, is fantastic! I love seeing all three drawings from each day :)