Sunday, January 10, 2010

still busy with nothing, more or less

Just checking in to let everyone know we're still alive and still doing pretty much nothing. Next week we'll start doing something (though trust me, not much, just not nothing).

Here's the kids playing tackle-sledding, which involves jumping onto a moving sled (with another sledder already on board, of course).

Making a snow angel.

Making a hay angel?!?!?!?! (Leave it to J to be different....)

Workbooks galore, courtesy of Mimi who gave each of them a big stack of things-to-keep-them-busy-when-Mom-is-otherwise-occupied. My boys actually adore doing workbooks. I always did too, when I was a kid.

And look, we actually left our property! Well, once anyway. We met friends at a children's museum. Here's J popping bubbles with sound.

And Zoo Boy taping a very energetic version of the weather.... This is his favorite thing to do at this museum, I think he wants to be a broadcaster, he LOVES being in front of a camera reading script.

Building shelves. Between them and The Map Man, I've got 3 new sets of shelves from the past couple of weeks, which is really helping me find places for all the STUFF we own to belong. (And believe me, all of those shelves are already full. I'd have them build me some more if I had any place to put them....)

Zoo Boy, out standing in his field.

Have I mentioned how cold it is yet?? I think it got to 6 degrees F today.... Needless to say, our forays outdoors have been brief.

What I've been up to since my adventures in Hogwarts ended mid-week. I'm preparing for our eventual departure from doing nothing, getting ready to start up our "formal" school year again at some point over the next couple of weeks. Which involves a lot of sitting around (mostly by the fire, though occasionally I spread out on the bed like this), reading. So it would probably be hard to tell this me apart from the me of the past two weeks, except that I'm more apt to pull my hair and bite my lip now than I was when I was chasing the golden snitch....

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