Tuesday, August 10, 2010

concerts in the park

We've been attending a few outdoor concerts this summer. The boys just love these, and it's a fun event for the family, even if the bands that play aren't exactly headlining events. The park in our town where this is held is very small and cute and historic. And we have to drive right past the best ice cream shop around in order to get there. VERY convenient!

The boys love spreading out a blanket to hang out on and listen to the music.

They also love running around the park in their bare feet, wrestling and cavorting like....well, like kids on summer vacation.

Inevitably, J gets inspired by the music and starts doing some stretching. He's yet to actually break into dance at one of these events, but I guess he feels the need to get all warmed up just in case an obvious dancing opportunity presents itself.

He's pretty limber.

Um. Yeah. Ok.

(This is one of the reasons his dance teachers are so ga-ga over him.)

There are no words....just a lot of laughs!


Nicole Milman said...

HI there,
This is a comment actually related to your previous blog "Jacob's Journey" - I have been reading it through and have found it enourmously helpful! You are an amazing mother whose interest in and care for your children really inspires. We have been doing RDI for about 6 months now with our soon to be 4 year old daughter, Gracie. I am wondering if there is another way to contact you besides leaving comments here? warm regards, Nicole Milman, Baltimore MD

Harvest Moon said...

Hi Nicole, post your email address here in the comments, and I'll drop you a note with mine. :)