Tuesday, August 17, 2010

movie recommendation

Ok, so it seems a little bit silly to not post in so long, then come back with just a movie recommendation, but really, this is a WONDERFUL movie. May very well even replace Sommersby as my all-time favorite. (And if you haven't seen Sommersby, you're missing out!)

The movie? Australia. It's on HBO right now, which I'm pretty sure means it's in the video stores, etc. First of all, there's Hugh Jackman, which honestly, is a good enough reason to see ANY movie that he's in. Not only is he yummalicious eye-candy, but he's a darned good actor to boot. In this particular movie, he plays a very Eastwood-esque Australian cowboy (which always gets my motor running anyway). Second of all is the rest of the cast, which is top-notch, including Nicole Kidman, who I almost always love in everything she does, and this is, I think, her best performance since Moulin Rouge. Third of all, the old-fashioned romance story set in the exotic Australian Outback at the start of World War II (movie genre, check! location, check! time setting, check!) all combine to guarantee I was going to love this movie regardless of any other factors. Add to all of that a WONDERFUL script, gorgeous cinematography, and a very satisfying ending (which is my personal bugaboo anyway), and this movie is darned near perfection. I can't stop watching it. Over and over and over.

Sigh. A great big contented sigh.

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