Thursday, December 23, 2010


That title just covers so much, doesn't it? As in "Nuts, I haven't posted on the blog in over a week, and now I have about a dozen posts to catch up on." Or "Nuts and How we Cracked them" (i.e., how much longer can I use the Nutcracker as an excuse?). Or just, "All this holiday stuff is driving me nuts!"

But really my point is that I have a few (very few) photos of J at the Nutcracker performances (thanks to Laurel -- thanks Laurel!).

Here's J with his "party family" before going on stage for their final performance. His "parents" were so sweet, giving him little gifts and lots of attention. His "brothers" were actually girls. J is on the right, if you can't figure that out on your own.

I actually got to watch the Party Scene from the audience that night, for the first and only time (the other times J was onstage I was able to watch from the wings). It was really an amazing scene, and J looked great up there. Brought tears to my eyes. (Then again, that doesn't take much...and could just as easily be attributed to lack of sleep....)

J waiting for the call to stage, somewhere in the bowels of the high school they were performing at.

J's other grandparents attended his final performance (and sent him a backstage telegram, which he thought was really cool!). Grandma said that she'd never been to a ballet before, and she was pretty impressed with how muscular and athletic all the dancers are. I'll tell you, after being around dancers for the past year, I can attest to the outstanding physical shape they need to be in, not only to perform, but to prevent injury. I'm very grateful that J is dancing at a school that is very in tuned to the developing dancer's needs.

Zoo Boy and J hanging out at the cast party after the last performance.

So we've got a couple weeks off from dance, then a couple more weeks left in the first semester. At the end of January we'll be switching to the second semester, and J will be moving up a level in ballet. Which means a shift in our schedule, an additional ballet class each week, and the possibility that J can join an all-boys hip-hop class at his other studio that he'd been wanting to do, but couldn't because of his ballet schedule. Oh, and a new show to audition for. So, in other words, more time sitting in dance studios for me. Good thing I've got some reading material stored up!

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Nicole Milman said...

You are something else! Nuts, perhaps? Very nice to read about your solstice celebrations. I do hope to participate in that sort of thing sometime...
Enjoy the holiday,
Nicole Milman ( who is not moving back to RI )