Monday, May 28, 2007

Campbell Falls

This is a continuation of my earlier post about our Saturday adventures in Norfolk, Connecticut.

After we left Haystack Mountain State Park, we traveled a whole 4 miles north (and into and out of Massuchusetts several times) to Campbell Falls State Park. The highlight of this park is this gorgeous waterfall. You can't see in this picture, but that rock outcropping that hangs over the falls on the left side of the photo is just covered with wild columbine, in full bloom. I only wish I had the proper photo equiptment to have taken advantage of it!

The Map Man and the kids enjoyed climbing all over the big boulders surrounding the falls. I enjoyed sitting on a rock taking pictures of them. As much as I loved scrambling about waterfalls as a child (and even as an adult), my knee just won't support that sort of activity right now (I have a partially torn tendon, and possibly a torn meniscus). But I am very much enjoying watching the rest of my family enjoy the woods the way I've always done!

There are two letterboxes at Campbell Falls, and we found them both. This photo is of the trickier one to locate (in fact, I think the other letterboxing family that we ran into there gave up on finding this one!), but we're pretty persistant "treasure hunters" so we stuck with the clues and eventually found the box. I've got photos of us working with the other box in an earlier post about letterboxing.

The Map Man snapped this photo of a gorge through which a side-stream runs while the kids and I were working on the first letterbox. Photos just don't do this area justice, it's quite beautiful here. And it was nice and cool -- it was a warm day, so it was nice to be in such a cool spot during the afternoon. (We also managed to find a great place for icecream in a nearby village on our way home!)

The boys and The Map Man fiddle around with a mere stone (the state line marker) designating the line between Massachusetts and Connecticut (I'm standing on the Mass side, as is Zoo Boy -- J is in Conn, and The Map Man has one foot in each state!).

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