Friday, November 20, 2009

nature center

We visited a new nature center yesterday, because my friend T convinced me to sign J up for a Geology class with her daughter D. So we showed up a couple of hours early the first day so the boys could get their fill of exploring the center before J had to settled down into the class. (Zoo Boy brought along a workbook to keep himself occupied while J was in class.)

This is a very, VERY cool nature center! There is lots of amazing habitat dioramas and props, plenty of taxidermy animal specimens, and interspersed throughout the exhibits, many tanks of smaller native wildlife. It was a real treat to explore the center and settle ourselves in for an afternoon.

The boys under the roots of a large dead tree. (There were even animals in there!) They had a great time with imaginary play in there.

And in here as well -- a recreated Long House (a local Native American lodge).

J checks out the deer skins that line the benches of the Long House, as well as the various artifacts inside.

Zoo Boy enjoyed the interactive games which worked on identifying wildlife signs and sounds.

Cool place to hang out, we'll be back as J has class for 4 weeks. My guess is we'll sign him up for more classes here in the future as well -- the class size was amazing (only 3 kids, all of them homeschooled), the naturalist knowledgeable and engaging, and the topic right up J's alley.


michelle grimes kindig said...

Very very cool....especially the long house!!!

Anonymous said...

yeaah , I agree the long house is great, we visted one in malaysia pre Dessi.