Thursday, November 19, 2009

share day

Monday was the final day of our Monday Homeschool Classes semester, and it was designated as a "Share Day", where the classes could share what they worked on this term. Unfortunately I did a really lousy job of taking pictures (I was having too much fun to even think about it!), but there were class displays and organized events. The Colonial Days class (my class) started the day by sharing some of the games they learned during our class. Then the Spanish class (pictured) ran a pretend Spanish Restaurant, where the waiters (the kids in the class) only spoke Spanish and had to communicate with their customers (very few of who speak Spanish). It was a lot of fun, and J (in the middle of this controlled chaos) had a blast being the "messero", while Zoo Boy and I had fun being customers. (Zoo Boy did a GREAT job of placing his order for "leche" and "hamburguesa" in Spanish, and telling our "messero" that he needed a "tenedor" -- fork.)

The chorus then rehearsed (while the rest of the kids played, as Zoo Boy can be seen doing here with a couple of friends), then performed a concert for us. J did not sing with the homeschool chorus this term, as the timing conflicted with his Spanish class. (He is singing again with the Windham Youth Chorus, their winter concert will be in December.) The kids and I enjoyed attending the concert and cheering for our singing friends.

It was a gorgeous day, and the kids spent a lot of time playing outside. Someone brought a parachute, here's Zoo Boy and some pals playing with it.

I'm going to be running several craft workshops during the intersession before the holidays (rug braiding, felted soaps, and candle dipping), then our regular classes will start up again in January.

Oh, J also took his Spanish test again, and this time he passed and earned his yellow band, which he proudly shows off in this photo! He's very much looking forward to continuing his Spanish lessons next semester (as are Zoo Boy and I!).