Sunday, November 8, 2009

vases and cards

The boys had a museum art class this past week with the Marvelous Ms. Laura, Zoo Boy's current favorite teacher. (He literally jumps up and down and claps his hands when I tell him he has a class with her.) That's the wonder-teacher herself on the left with the long red hair. She runs beautifully creative, involved classes that ignite a creative spark in The Boy like no-one else can. J likes her pretty well, too.

In this particular class, they made tissue-paper collage vases.

Then they made print cards to go with them. Here's Zoo Boy's template for one of his prints -- he etched this heart in a field of red paint, then applied a piece of paper over it to transfer the design. Unfortunately he chose a red piece of construction paper, so the print didn't come out particularly well and he refused to keep it or let me photograph it. For some reason J chose not to do this particular activity, maybe he was too busy with his vase.

The other type of cards they made were really cool. First Ms. Laura loaded plates with shaving cream. Then the kids drizzled food coloring over it, and mixed it however they would like. (Yes, Ms. Laura actually got Zoo Boy to touch shaving cream!! The key to her success? Little plastic gloves. May need to get me some of those....) Then they pressed their card on the pile of colored cream, then used a piece of cardboard to wipe off the excess.

The results were REALLY cool. This is Zoo Boy's.

J's is a little harder to see, due to poor photographic technique (my bad). He drew some pictures on his as well.

I suspect we'll work with this medium again, because I'd like to do some of it too!

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