Thursday, December 8, 2011

let my people go!

In J's drawing, above, Moses conjures up a giant storm. He really REALLY did not like this story, was very stressed out about one horrible plague after another being dealt out to the Egyptians all because their Pharaoh was being a jerk about letting the Hebrew people go. The end of the story left us hanging about the "final horrible plague" that was to come, and the uncertainty of what might be even worse than what had already happened left J in a very uncomfortable place. (This distress is appropriate -- these are intense stories!) Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Aaron turning the river to blood in front of Pharaoh.

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's. Since J was distressed by the story, I purposely made sure we didn't include any detail in our summaries, just highlighting that time and again Pharaoh broke his promise to let the Hebrews go if the plagues were lifted. During our recall, we did hit on each type of plague in turn, but only in a listing fashion, and without any emotion or real detail.

Anticipation can be worse than reality -- seems to me that the boys handled the final, horrible plague better than not knowing what it was. But more on that tomorrow after we work the story through to completion.

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