Thursday, December 8, 2011

nomadic tent week 5

This week we started by binding our woven strips off of our ground looms. This photo shows J tying knots in the warp threads at the end of his weaving.

Then the kids sewed their strips together to create one strip. Here J and Tree Elf (D requested her own blog identity!) sew their strips together. We were missing a couple of kids from the co-op today, so will hopefully add their strips to the others before we add it to our actual tent.

Then it was time to get working on sewing the major woven strips together into one large tent. We used woven curtain panels as our main tent strips, and these worked out really, really well. 4 panels sewn together will make a good sized play tent.

Sewing our tent strips together was a great group project, lots of great conversation, and really skillful sewing from the kids. We worked right along and got the entire thing sewn in one sitting.

Next week will be our final session -- tent raising! It feels so real now that we're near the end!

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