Thursday, December 15, 2011

nomadic tent, week 6, finale!

J sews his hand-woven tent strip to the main tent as I prepared the poles and ropes for our tent raising.

The kids spread the tent out on the ground and prepare to put their poles into position. If we were to do this again, I'd want to use twice as many curtain panels for our tent to double the width. I think the length was fine, but a wider panel would have gone up smoother and felt more like a place to live in afterwards (plus would have given us the opportunity to add a hanging panel to make separate "rooms" like there are in full-size nomadic tents). But given time constraints, plus the fact that only a few of us pitched in with the sewing, I think this turned out pretty good.

The adults helped pound in the stakes. We were so lucky with the weather, it's not often that the ground is not frozen in mid-December around here!! That would have made the tent raising that much more challenging (and it was already challenging enough as it was!).

Zoo Boy and J pose inside our completed tent. It felt great to finish this project! The boys are still bemoaning the fact that we never finished the earthen oven (we will, it just needs to wait until Spring and more conducive drying weather), but to have taken one larger project through to completion made us all feel good.

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