Tuesday, December 13, 2011

one weekend down, one to go!

The Nutcracker opened with a bang on it's first weekend! Above, The Map Man and J get ready for the opening of the first act.

Above, J at stage rehearsal on Friday night, as Fritz. Below, The Map Man dances with the other party parents at stage rehearsal.

Above, J strikes a pose in his Russian costume, below he dances the Russian Dance in the stage rehearsal. (Photos aren't allowed during the show, but we can order a DVD of it, and there will be professional photographs available for purchase, which will be MUCH better than the crappy photos I can get with my crappy camera anyway.)

You still have one more weekend to come see J (and The Map Man) in The Nutcracker at Manchester High School! You can find ticket information at http://www.connecticutnutcracker.com/ .

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