Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bigelow Hollow State Park

Today we went adventuring at Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union, Connecticut, as part of a state-run family program. Just look at all the fun we had! The Map Man and J tried their hands at the two-man saw, and I think either would have a promising future as a lumberjack! Zoo Boy gave it a try too, even though he could barely even reach the saw.

We also got to take a canoe out for a spin -- wheeeeee, what fun! The kids were over the moon about it, and The Map Man and I are now in heavy discussion about when/how to purchase our own canoe. It was a glorious day to be out on a lake! I spent quite a few summers in my younger years fishing out of a canoe, so really it was only a matter of time before we decided we needed one. (In fact, back when we got engaged -- 20 years ago next month, if you can even imagine! -- we had actually discussed buying a canoe instead of an engagement ring. The ring won out. Now, where did I put that thing....)

The boys made twirly snakes out of paper plates they decorated and cut out themselves. There were several craft activities set up for the kids in addition to this one -- UV beaded bracelets, knot tying, and making s'mores -- YUM. J actually made and ate his own s'more. That's sort of a big deal for him.

I got into the pond study action to help Zoo Boy find muddy bottom lake-dwelling critters. I was pretty happy to have an excuse to jump in the lake, I'll tell you -- it was mighty warm today. I'll blog in a bit about what we found in that water we were walking in, the boys were very into it. (And why wouldn't they be, it was about bugs!)

The boys also participated in a tent-pitching race with another family, at J's insistance. They lost. But they had a blast trying to get that tent up in record time. I think I'll sit out on the tent-pitching the next time we go camping, they seem to have the idea well in hand!

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What a great day!!!!