Friday, April 10, 2009

farm animal class #2 -- chickens

Spring Break or not for my family, our Monday Homeschool Classes go on! So this week I taught the 2nd of my preschool farm animal series, this time focusing on chickens. Rooster, hens, chicks -- we sang the Old McDonald song with a verse for each of them to get us started. (Photo is one of my hens -- the museum we hold our classes in actually has a pair of Bantam chickens, a rooster and a hen, so the kids got to see barnyard poultry live and in person.) We clucks like hens, we crowed like roosters, we peeped like chicks. And then we played a fingerplay about a rooster and hen.

Our story was Daisy Comes Home, by Jan Brett. A longish (but well worth it!) story, but the kids were great and sat quietly through the whole thing.

Then we played a game of pass-the-egg. The kids all sat in a circle, and each child had a spoon. I sent several plastic eggs around the circle, the kids had to pass them to each other spoon-to-spoon. Great for working on hand-eye coordination! And funny, too.

Our craft -- these adorable little pom-pom chicks hatching out of colorful eggs.

After the craft we played a game of "What time is it, Mrs. Fox?", where the kids were all chickens and I was the fox, and they asked me what time it was. I told them a time (ex: 2 o'clock) and they would take that number of steps towards me (2 steps in this example). Although occasionally, they would ask what time it was and I would say "lunch time!" and they would run screaming from me as I chased and tried to "catch" them. Then the kids took turns being the fox. BIG HIT!

We finished up with a coloring sheet featuring barnyard poultry. (As you can see, Zoo Boy doesn't much believe in the whole coloring-within-the-lines philosophy.)
Next week, another exciting barnyard creature! Stay tuned!

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Stacey said...

Hey Shelly-
We play that what time is it game at our co-op a lot too, and it's a big hit. Our group also loves the Little Pig, Little Pig tag game from the grade one enki book. Your class sounds like lots of fun! My little one would love it.