Monday, October 26, 2009

classes and adventures

I've not been real good about posting our adventures over the past week or so. I have a good excuse, I've been sick, and pretty much have been in bed when I haven't been transporting the kids here, there, and everywhere. I've managed to keep up with our daily rhythm (on sort of a relaxed scale), but I've not managed much more than that. So we've had a lot of short forays out and about, but nothing amounting to too much on their own. However, it's enough to lump into one post with a few photos, so here you go! This first picture is from Barkhamsted Reservoir, which we dropped by on our way somewhere, simply because I needed a short break from driving and it was a nice place to stretch our legs.

J's participated in a bunch of classes, including the museum class where he (and Zoo Boy) got to tear apart owl pellets and reconstruct rodent skeletons (pictured). He also has been attending chorus rehearsals for the Youth Chorus he sings with, and of course he's been participating in the Homeschool Gym classes where they've played Capture the Flag and Dodgeball in addition to soccer.

He also got to attend a Geology program put on by the Army Corps of Engineers last week, where he learned about the Rock Cycle (drawn by him here). He really loved that class and raved about it for days. I'm not surprised, given how drawn he's been to any exhibit having to do with geology whenever we visit a museum. I'm pretty excited about his interest in Geology, because I myself find it a very fascinating area of study.

And of course, there's Monday Homeschool Classes. Today in the Colonial Kids class I had them make potpourri sachets, quoits (ring-toss) sets, and cranberry ice (yum!). Spanish class is humming right along (with Zoo Boy and I observing from the side-lines), and we've got enough vocabulary now to be able to speak Spanish during our breakfast prep time in the mornings. And they are starting to choreograph the musical the kids are putting on next semester -- he and his very good friend D are Monkeys together. We've been peeking in at them, and it looks like they are having an absolute blast!

Zoo Boy has mostly been playing and being his usual silly self. He thought the reservoir was " really really super cool" (as evidenced by this little impromptu dance he gave there). He's also taking his own music class which he says he's very much enjoying. (He certainly spends plenty of time listening to his class CD, reading through his music book, and singing all the associated songs.)
So, that's pretty much what's been happening here amongst the curriculum work and a lot of bed hours logged by yours truly. Hopefully we've still got some nice outdoor weather left this fall to get out and enjoy ourselves now that I'm on the upswing again.

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