Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anastasia, the Princess of Silli Billi

We've had another abbreviate week due both to the holiday, and to the fact that Zoo Boy now has the nasty illness that J had a couple weeks ago. Blech.

But we did read the story of Anastasia, the Princess of Silli Billi, the Czar's daughter who visited the village of Silli Billi and discovered that she needed to speak in syllables in order to be understood. Above is J's drawing, of Anastasia approaching the village, and below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Ansastasia, lost in the woods.
And below is how Zoo Boy accomplished his work this week -- from bed. My bed to be exact.
Hopefully we'll all be back to full health -- and full work! -- by the start of next week. There's really quite a bit I'd like to accomplish before the winter holidays.

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