Monday, November 22, 2010

wrapping up Harriet Tubman

I read the final Harriet Tubman story to the boys last week, and they did drawings from the story. Above, J drew Harriet leading escaped slaves to freedom. Below, Zoo Boy drew Harriet pointing her gun at a slave that wanted to turn back. She knew that if he was caught, they would all be discovered, and she told him "Go forward, or die." He chose to go forward, and crossed the cold, deep river with Harriet and the other escaped slaves.
This ends our African American cultural block. It was SUCH a wonderful few months working in this culture -- we loved the music, the stories, the cooking projects, and the crafts. Next we'll be moving onto the British Isles culture , and will become familiar with the life of John Muir. Since the winter holidays will fall in the middle of this block, I'm going to take a bit of a different approach and hold off until January on doing the trickster and sage cycle, because I know that I wouldn't give it the consistency and attention it deserves if I were to start it now. So instead, we'll start by working with some Language Arts skill stories, and do another math block before the holidays, then bring in the tricksters and sage stories mid-way, finishing up with some more math and LA skills before we shift gears to a new culture in March.

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