Monday, November 8, 2010

parent observation week

Last week was "Parent Observation Week" at J's ballet school, so I got to sit in on his classes. All I can say is, whoa, that boy must really love dancing if he's willing to do all that just to do it! It was sort of like ballet boot camp! At least to my untrained eye. Since all of the classes and rehearsals go on behind closed doors at that school (and I can see why, the kids were really distracted having us all there watching them), it was the first time anyone there, other than the instructors and other kids, have seen J dance, and I got a plethora of comments from other adults about J's technique and talent. Honestly, I still have no idea what they are talking about, but the look of satisfaction on J's face while he's dancing is enough to tell me he's doing what he should be doing. So I'll just continue to shake my head in amazement (and write out checks for classes...) and drive him to the studio. Enjoy a few photos -- I didn't dare use a flash, so the coloring is a little odd:

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, you must be so proud. I've been reading this blog since the Jacob's Journey days and it is wonderful to see him develop! You're a great Mum.