Thursday, November 4, 2010

five times

Above is my work with counting by 5s (the start of our 5 times tables), below is J's, Zoo Boy's is on the bottom. This has dragged on too long to be ideal -- really it should have taken us just 2 weeks to get through all 6 numbers we are dealing with, but I've had to drag it out to 3 weeks due to J's birthday and all the hooplah that came along with that smack dab in the middle. I thought it would be OK to take longer, but the kids are losing interest, as is reflected in their work. J didn't put much effort into his, refusing to count past 40, and Zoo Boy abandoned trying to make the mother look like a 5 at all (although he still talks about how much he loves the Strange Family and keeps asking for more stories about them -- I may have to write a couple, because I don't think there are any more -- maybe I'll have to bring in some uncles and aunts!). One more number, then we can move on to something else!

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