Saturday, July 16, 2011

modern dance intensive

J spent the week at a modern dance intensive for youth, run by the same company he danced with this past winter. The Map Man attended the performance at the end of the week, which I unfortunately had to miss because I was attending Zoo Boy's Art Show at his photography camp. (Such is the way of things when you have two children with different interests!) Fortunately, he took some pictures for me to see so that I didn't feel like I had to completely miss out on it. It certainly looked VERY interesting!

Some of the things they did this week were modern dance, Chinese dance, Chinese calligraphy, ballet, and work with props. And lots and lots of improvisation. (This company is REALLY big on the improvisation.)

My son, the human pretzel....

J of course had a fabulous time. He's really looking forward to the 2-week ballet intensive that he'll be attending in August.

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Anonymous said...

Is J also taking weekly modern classes this summer?