Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stalking Wolf, chapter 5

Honestly, we finished this up last week, we've just not been home long enough for me to blog about it yet!
We finished up our work with Stalking Wolf by reading the final chapter of our sage story. Above is J's drawing, below is Zoo Boy's, both chose to draw Stalking Wolf meeting the boy Tom, sifting in the stream for fossils.

Above is J's chapter summary, below is Zoo Boy's.

This story really resonated with the boys, as I knew it would. It was a great unit to wrap up our school year with. Now both boys are insisting that they are shaman, and spend a lot of time stalking squirrels and tracking rabbits at the park. Zoo Boy can often be found squatting in the barnyard, studying the behavior of the pony or the chickens, and J is working on a snow-bringing spell to use next winter. (I did beg him to wait until winter to try it -- you know, just in case....)

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