Saturday, July 16, 2011

photography camp

Zoo Boy spent the past week at Photography Camp. They made oatmeal box pinhole cameras (pictured at left along with a 3-dimensional photo frame he made), then developed their own negatives and prints (above) from the photos they took with it in the darkroom.

They also made scratch negatives and used those to make solar prints.

I was really impressed with how photo-oriented the camp actually was -- I had really expected it to be more of a general camp with a few photo activities, but they really took the kids through the entire photographic process in a very hands-on way. Zoo Boy just loved it!

A collage he did in camp. They also did half-and-half prints (they cut a photo in half, glued it to a paper, and drew in the other half by hand), and created a photo album to put their pictures from the week in.

Below are a few of the photos he took this week on various topics, including still life, nature photography, and landscape.

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