Monday, July 18, 2011

what I did last week

I was stuck in a distant town for 3 1/2 hours every day last week while the boys were in their camps, but if you're going going to be stuck somewhere, it may as well be someplace with a view like this from the parking lot!

I set up a little "office" for myself under these lovely trees, with the above view, and got quite a bit of my planning done for our fall semester. I also discovered that there is really one more math process (borrowing in long subtraction) that I would like them to have a base in before we start with new topics in the fall. I could wait and do it along with the other new work, but I really would like to introduce it with the same story line we used for long addition, long subtraction, and carrying. So while I sat under the trees, I wrote a new Kingdom of Jewel story to read and work with this coming week.

We'll see how much resistance I meet with, the kids thought they were done other than binding our good books. But seeing as we've not bound those books yet, I feel like the door is still open for another couple weeks of schooling.

We joined some friends at this really cool pool on Friday afternoon -- it's a town pool in the town where Jacob dances, and since one of my friends lives there, we have access to it for quite a nominal fee. This won't be our last visit here this summer! We also went to the CT Science Center one afternoon after camps.

Below is a rainbow over our barn after one afternoon's rain.

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Stacey said...

love that last photo. the girls and i made to do lists back in may for our summer and "see a rainbow over our house" was on one of the lists. haven't checked it off yet.
i've been wondering how your pregnancy is going and how you're feeling. i keep checking in with your blog for an update.