Sunday, September 2, 2012

evolution paintings, day #4

Our evolution paintings continue, on Thursday we painted a progression, starting with first leaving the water while still being dependent on it, the second half way up a hill, no long dependent on water, and a third a small mammal at the top of the hill. I liked the way these came out! Mine is above, J's next one down, Zoo Boy's at the bottom. Our inspiration was the book Our Family Tree: an Evolution Story by Lisa Westberg Peters, illustrated by Lauren Stringer.

Quoted from the book:

"When families of green plants and insects began living on the land, we followed them.

On the outside, we still had scales, but we looked like huge salamanders. We crawled out of the sea on legs, two on each side. We didn't stray far, and we returned to the water to lay our eggs. On the inside, we had lungs to breathe oxygen, like we do now.

As all of the continents on earth slowly joined into one, we left the water completely.

On the outside, we looked like hairy lizards. We hunted all day and had sharp teeth to tear our food. On the inside, our blood ran warm, almost as warm as it does today.

In one of the earth's darkest times, nearly all life went extinct, but many families survived. Ours was among them.

On the outside, we were small and furry. We hid or slept during the day, and we scurried about at night. On the inside, we made milk for our babies, the way we do now."

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